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      Apologies if this has been discussed in detail before – searching the forums didn’t yield much help for me.

      I’m still rocking a Space stompbox, and trying to wrap my head around the DynaVerb algo. The manual only says so much about it, and loading up a preset and twiddling knobs has only gotten me so far. I get that its primary function is to work as a ducking reverb, and that’s cool. I’m more interested in the granular details on how each control works and how it interacts with the other controls (save of course Low and High level as those are self-explanatory).

      I’m sure it would help more if I understood the ins and outs of compressors, which I have a basic understanding of. Sidechain compression, not so much.

      I guess to narrow it down, I really want to know how the Omin-Ratio effects the sound, and how that interacts with the IN vs RV of the sidechain control. Also really interested in how all that changes once you get into Omnipressor mode. Like, what is Feed Forward vs Feed Back in a guitar situation?

      Any insight or recommended reading would be appreciated. I’m trying to wrestle every bit of use out of this device. Thanks.

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      I got most of my intial background details from the manuals for the legacy series, then the Omnipressor plugin.  Another source is the reissued 2830AU rack hardware manual.  Most (but not all) of the information applies.

      Yes, you will need a solid, general understanding of how compressors work, especially the interactive controls Attack, Release, Ratio,.Threshold.  Once you’ve grasped ‘normal’ compression behavior, it’s much easier to fold in the unique features that Omnipressor brings to the table.

      For starters, sidechaining towards the reverb side will increase the random behavior of the compressor in the H9 / H90.  You’re samplng more of the reverb / less of the input signal as a sidechain source.

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      Great article detailing the differences between feed-forward & feedback compression designs:

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      Wow, that’s my day off reading sorted out. Useful question and answers, thanks guys.

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      I like this thread too.  I aimlessly tried to figure out DynaVerb on my H90 and finally went down the historic Omnipressor rabbit hole and settled on the simplified Omnipr Mode.  I’m using it mostly for making my Logic drums sound fatter and heftier (and doing pitch shift down ala Tony Visconti/Low drum sound). I’m keeping the Omni Ratio in the 9s and along with the threshold level that’s where the action seems to be happening and you can really hear the effect and I’ve got the Low Level knob juiced up a bit.  Following up on Brock’s feed-forward vs feedback I can hear the difference as I sweep through it and at least on the drums I’m listening to the feed foward has more of the heft I’m after.  I also just switched some guitar through the same settings and it is doing the same thickening.  Cheers.

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      This illustration did wonders to ‘expand’ on my early comprehension of Omni-Ratio:

      Omnipressor Capabilities Reduced

      I stumbled across a few examples for the H9 that still apply (mainly GATED):

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