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Apologies for confusion caused and thanks for your patience.  I am trying to incorporate the ios H90 control as my main live console mounted with H90 to a mic stand.  The H90 is in PERFORM mode and the ipad Control software is on the Parameters tab, but the same issue if using USB/MacOS Control software.

The issue is that while using a 3 button pedal does function correctly, the ipad screen does not reflect the choices of HS1/HS2/HS3 made on the footswitch in the same way as when the choice is made on the ipad (highlighted) in PARAMETER EDIT MODE PGM/HS1/HS2/HS3 (lower right of control software in Parameters tab).

I see your point that HS edit mode is NOT the same as just selecting an HS mode in PERFORM.  Still, using the footswitch there is no visual indication on EITHER the H90 unit or Control screen of which HS mode (or PGM) is currently active.

The promise of the three HS modes is that is the only way H90 provides to create 3 useful and distinct variants of a program without low level twiddling of knobs live on stage.  But if you can’t see which mode its in, that’s not great performance.


What would you propose for this visual indicator of the active HS/PGM mode?

To me, a quick fix would be to highlight the existing items in PARAMETER EDIT MODE since they have a permanent place on the lower right of screen.

Otherwise I end up memorizing the settings that change on one arbitrary dial (different for every program!) to decipher which HS mode it is currently active vs PGM default.

Finally, I was wrong on the last point, disregard.  Not stomping three buttons all at once, but if H1 is active, then pressing H1 again will toggle it back to program (PGM).  It was just a coincidence that stomping all three together have same effect (and ridiculous in hindsight).