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I am already super happy with my H90, so these are my ’spoiled kid wishes’

I am a simple bass player: mono in, mono out, and that leaves most IO unused. What I would love for recording purposes:
– one mono out with normal dry/wet mono mix (to amp)
– one mono out dry only (recording)
– one stereo out with wet stereo mix only (recording)
And if I really would want maximise the use of the IO, then let me toggle between input 1 and 2 so that I can connect two basses, and switch on the fly (assignable to pedal or per preset)

• Polyphonic pitch shifter:
– would love to have a swell function for each voice, and the dry signal.
I know you can use the synth sounds or the ultratap, but that just ain’t the same.

You can do such cool stuff with a combination of a pitch shifter and a swell function:
– you can mimic the behaviour of guitar-feedback (dry sound plays immediately, +12 fades in slowly, and then +19 fades in slowly after.
– play staccato guitar, and with each legato note the swell pitch shifted notes are added, simulating a string section behind the guitar
– and out of this world sounds where you can fade in your guitar sound later, and first hear the pitched notes only

– glide time for each pitched shifted voice, or all together if that is too much to ask from the processor.

• Diatonic:
Custom pitch mapping per note. Even if that would mean that it would be only one voice instead of two.

• polysynth
Sustain/Decay time, so that you can also make short sounding/percussive sound. And a noise generator would be nice…

• And what some other users already mentioned as well; a more flexible way of assigning footswitches to functions.
HS1-> FS3, hold of FX 2 to FS1, etc.