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Not sure if this has been suggested but I’d love a Randomizer per algorithm. Don’t even have to put it on the hardware and just make it H90 control available.

Be so fun just to be able to click the randomizer option in Algo A and it changes all the parameters in that algo to something else each time, then go over to Algo B and do the same, so much fun and so much awesomeness can be made!


Boss SY-300 had this option where you could blend patches together and it was fun and many things you can come up with doing that too.


Perhaps we could have a blender of some sort too? Hit blender option and it’ll give you a random Algo A from a preset and also give you a random Algo B from another preset.

It chooses whatever is in your USER LISTS.


If you like this idea, then make your voice heard in here that you’d like these features too!