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Hello fellow users and dear Eventide team,

Congrats for making such a great unit, I’ve been using the H90 for 6 month and I’m very happy with it. It’s a very deep and I’m still learning a lot, here are my suggestions and wishes for the future : (I MAY intentionally repeat some of the ideas above that I really wish to happen)

  • Freeze Algorithm

I second users that want this feature, car the freeze options on Reverbs & Polyphony arent’ completely satisfying to me : The reverb algorithms is working well for ambient freeze style, but for more concrete sound it’s not suitable. The Polyphony is the one I use the most and it definitely have it’s qualities but : When you through it without freezing, we can hear a sort of ‘slapback’. I would rather prefer an algo that stays completely inaudible until the freeze is activated.

Here are suggestions of an Freeze algorithm :

– Transparency when it’s not used

– Set of in-algo effects to bring life to the freezed signal : modulations, reverb, pitch stuff (just like polyphony)

– Stack multiple layers of freeze signal : just like the Plus Pedal by Gamechanger Audio. This kind of feature is gold for monophonic instruments.

– Glide function between successive freezed chords/notes, inspired by the EHX Hog II

– Decay parameter, would give the possibility of making the signal fade away, like with a acoustic piano.

  • Attack envelope (Slow Gear / Attack Decay / POG II)

After trying to find a short attack envelope within existing algorithms (Dynaverb/Omnipressor & Ultratap) nothing gave me what I was looking for. Omnipressor changes the sound to much, and does not track very well for this use.

I think it would be nice to have a dedicated algorithm for this. Here are the parameters I imagine for this :

– Attack

– Decay

– Compression

– Blend

– Modulation

– Lowpass filter / hi pass filter

– Dual pitch shifting

  • Bitcrushing & Noise generator (& more lofi-esque kind of sounds)

I think this would be nice, and would be a solid add of a lot of people. I get a lots of demands for this in my everyday work as a musician. I’ve used the Strymon Timeline a lot to do this and I love the feature of the lo-fi delay : Bits, Sample Rate & Pre-made Filters are great. To me Eventide’s vintage delay, while great as a delay, isn’t sufficient to achieve this.

Here are some of the features I’d love :

– Blend

– Bits

– Sample Rate

– Wow – Flutter

– Distortion

– Random noise generator

  • Bluetooth for Windows & Android

This has already been said a lot, but I’m one of these patients Windows users. Never gonna buy an Apple device so, I’m really waiting for this.


Thanks you Eventide for your amazing work, and thanks to the community to help making H90 better and better



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