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Leon Todd

A few algorithm requests I’d personally love to see

– A Dimension style chorus algorithm. Include the 4 stock modes plus the “multiple buttons at once” modes.

-A panning delay algorithm. Controls for panning LFO rate/shape/phase as well as standard delay filters and modulation.

-Port the Eclipse “Manifold Beta” preset as a standalone algorithm. One of the coolest sound on sound presets in existence!

-A few new multi-algos with simplified controls, based on tone “eras” or genres. E.g a detune/delay/verb algo for greasy 80’s rack tones, a fuzz/phaser/echo for 60’s tones or a comp/trem/slapback for country.

-A multiband distortion algorithm with controls for the number of bands, wave shapes and filters. Similar to the source audio Ultrawave.

-An IR loader algo. Amp + Load box or preamp pedal into the H90 with an IR and some verb or delay is a great instant DI tone.