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… One thing I have not been able to figure out how to do is keep a tape echo going with the input the routes into the effect controlled by the expression pedal. With the pedal all the way heel, the dry input is heard but does not route into the delay, and with the pedal all the way toe, the dry input routes into the tape echo. In all cases though, what’s on the tape should keep playing. My aim here is to create a swell effect which I can push towards saturation or let fade down …

I can think of a couple of ways to do this.  In either case, set the Head Space Mix control to 100%, so it’s always fully ‘listening’:

  • Parameters mode Select knob to the left, or H90 Control General Tab.
  • Target the Head Space In Gain.  Set Tails to On, for good measure.
  • Head Space In Gain – map it to expression.
  • Set the upper Toe limit to 0.0 dB, unless you want a boost.
  • Adjust your overall dry/wet using the [P]rogram Mix parameter.


  • Target the [P]rogram Mix directly.
  • Set Tails On here, too.
  • Map it to expression pedal.
  • Set the overall range, something like 0-50% to start.

I believe that should work in Series or Parallel Routing, with or without a 2nd Preset.