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I’ve been searching the forums and found this thread, which addresses the same problem I’m having getting set up. The H9 would allow the option of wet/dry vs stereo on a patch level; some could be wet/dry, others stereo. The example noted in the manual, using a pitch shifter with wet-dry and a reverb in stereo, is one of the applications I made of it. I just want to stress the importance of this capability for some applications.

It’s important for me when using a pitch shifter for harmonizing or automatic double-tracking, that the voices are segregated. In the former case, without this, when the device is followed by significant gain (i.e., cranked amps), intermodulation distortion becomes the dominant aspect of the timbre, which is not what two guitarists playing harmony together sound like at all. And in the latter case, it’s the only way to achieve a wide stereo image.

Yes, the H90 can be set up either way; but the value of the device would be enhanced if users in my situation could have an “A” patch with segregated voices followed by a “B” patch in stereo. Or even at least allowing this to happen between programs; but either setup requires different physical connections, if I understand correctly. At least for my case, it’s not necessary to have a rigid wet/dry definition, but merely to be able to pan or assign the voices (dry vs generated) to a left or right output in the patch.

It also seems to follow that using a wet/dry setup with the H90 precludes the use of a stereo insert.

So, I also want to verify — the H90 can import H9 patches (I haven’t tried this yet). But at least this routing aspect of the patch on the H9 does not come along with it, I would assume?

Thanks for your time!