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A – Custom Preset.

  • In H90 Control, load up the Program with Custom Preset A in it, and Save to Library.  10.3.2 Parameters Edit Menu – Item 12 – in the link below:


B – Existing Algorithm B

  • Load up the Program with Existing Algorithm B in it, and repeat the same process described above in Item 12.

Now load up a fresh INIT Program.  Go to the link above, down to the bottom – 10.3.5 Preset Library – TIP.

Find & select Custom Preset in Preset A, then Existing Algorithm (preset) in Preset B.  Give it a unique name, and SAVE Program.


There are other ways to do it as well.  For example, I favor a combination of Preset selection on the pedal with the file management & editing in H90 Control.  But you can accomplish the same in either pedal or app.