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I can get something like Wet/Dry coexisting with Stereo Wet/Wet with a quadraphonic setup.

I put the H90 into Dual Routing mode with a Mono Input on Input 1.

Outputs 1 and 2 go to a Stereo Splitter with one set of Left and Right going to a pair of Quilter 101s and the other set of Left and Right going to a Dream ’65.

The Effects loop on one of the Quilter’s has the mono Wet effect pedals (analog vibrato, digital spring reverb, analog delay) and is not routed into the H90. Each of the Amp outputs from the pair of Quilters go into the Left and Right speakers on a 2×12 cabinet. This means that stereo effects from Outputs 1 and 2 on the H90 are also spread across a Wet/Dry, but this works fine for my needs as the stereo image is narrow.

Meanwhile, the outputs from the Dream ’65 go into Inputs 3 and 4 on the H90 and tend to have most of the stereo Wet effects. Outputs 3 and 4 from the H90 go into a pair of FRFR speakers and with a wide stereo spread. I can bypass the H90 completely to keep a typical Wet/Dry setup and I can engage the H90 with stereo effects and get a Wet/Wet/Dry/Wet that sounds incredibly immersive while maintaining a crystal clear dry signal in at least one speaker.

For live sound I hard pan the Dream ’65 outputs and do a very narrow pan for the mic’d 2×12 cabinet.

Obviously this is not the budget route!