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If I understand you correctly, in your scenario you are not sending in a clock pulse, but rather using Misha’s internal clock, yes?

So- if by “armed” you mean that the red light is on, then in that case you are in the middle of recording a tone row, and an incoming “play” trigger has the same effect as pressing the play button, which is to say it cuts the tone row short and begins it at the top of the sequence.

If you have just pressed “rec” but haven’t yet begun to play in a tone row, that trigger will play the last tone row in memory 

If the green light is on, then it will play the first note of the tone row in memory and continue from there

In all the above cases this happens instantaneously when the trigger comes in

If the clock is off – or if set to external but there is no incoming signal- it will play the first note of the tone row but will then wait for next note to be played

And If there is no tone row in memory – then that trigger has no effect.

I think that covers all the cases- let me know if I have understood what you were asking.  Thanks