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<p style=”text-align: left;”>i admit that, used as i am to the generic mutlieffect stompbox workflow, it took me some initial rethinking and iterations to come to terms with the H90 logic, at first.</p>
maybe it’s because i already had an H9 on my board, but i found my way around the H90 – even if i can’t build “chains” of algos the way i do with my two HX Stomps, or the Helix Rack that they replace when i want to hit the road…

to me, to my sound design practice, it isn’t EITHER HX Stomp OR H90, but HX Stomps TOGETHER WITH H90 – and, i still have to figure out, why i love what i can get out of H90 so much more than what i got out of two H9, in terms of sonic textures…

i’d finger the interface for it – because if i’m driven by what i’m listening, workflow’s where i can impart my actions and instructions – and that of the H90 is more responsive to me than that of H9, and organically complementary to that of the HX Stomps.