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Hello there. At the moment I’m powering up underneath my pedalboard with the original power supply connected directly to my Furmann conditioner. All other pedals are connected to two different power bricks. I’m all nervous about it too, like many here, of using the bricks for my H90. So, that being said, One of my bricks is the “Palmer PWT 12 MK2” (love the unit) I did not try it with it yet. This unit has a bunch of 9v 300 mA and four 500mA in which you can choose 9,12,18 or 24 v. Would be safe for the H90 if using two of the 500mA at 9V to power it up? or better another combination. That way I could use the bricks and put the original power supply out of the board. Thxs in advance.

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