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reviving this old thread since I’m experiencing a similar issue with an H8000FW I just received.The meter doesn’t seem to be responding at all, just the bottom line of LED’s are lit.

The facts:

– Balanced connection from a Metric Halo LIO8 interface to analog ins 1+2 of the unit

– Playing a loud signal, around -10dbfs

– Meters in the LIO8 show that what is returning to the interface is the same level as what is leaving

– Meter lights up on start up

– Meter responds fine when I crank the Pre-AD input level, but

– I can crank up the output level from the interface so much that it clips the D/A and H8000 meter remains at the -40 mark

– Tried different cables, same result


Any ideas? Taylor 12k did you ever get the problem solved? I wouldn’t want to keep this unit without being able to internally gain stage properly.


Thank you in advance! I am aware that the 8000 is no longer in production. Any help is greatly appreciated!