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Coming from a dual H9 setup. It’s frustrating to have to have duplicate programs to audition other effects in slot A/B.

-example various algorithms alongside my always on reverb (if I have 5 reverbs I use I’d need a lot of duplicate or test patches)

Individual midi channels would seem like a better idea. Especially for looping

-example I want to record a bass line with octaver. A rhythm part with filtered delay. Lead delay or reverb to solo over the loop

Took me too long to figure out how to just load a single, fresh algorithm in h90 control. Wish there was a similar view to H9 control with a base algorithm table. Finding I have to dial out the strange behaviours of the factory presets. Rather than starting from dry/clean and then adding an effect. Right now I feel like I need to save a blank effect manually for every algorithm. H9 pedal/advanced view was nice too

A basic 5 band eq would be nice. One can dream about a 10 band or at minimum a 3 band parametric.

Finding distortion and fuzz algorithms sound really glitchy with low guitar volume settings.

Demo mode so I can create patches offline away from the h90