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Mishanary Man

Hello all. I am late to this thread. Name: Adrian. Samchillian player. Here’s a clip of Leon and I duking it out at a performance for 4 samchillian players in NYC some years ago.

I am excited about incorporating Misha into things. My hope is that an element of samchillian designed for me: using the (qwerty) Z key to add vibrato/LFO to a held pitch can be incorporated into Misha’s design. It’s a great feature on samchillian, makes lines much more expressive. I have seen some posting regarding the Misha solely for its sequencing capabilities, but to me that is secondary to this thing as a kind of samchillian, which is a fantastic instrument with its own idiomatic melodic language, as distinctive as guitar licks, or horn licks, or piano licks are. Misha just adds a greater variety of scales to the equation, which is fantastic. More of everything, actually. A lot to be excited about.