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Hi Nickrose, I made the 14 step test, you have described here few years back.

If using RCA (several different cables tested)  Ext flashes when SPDIF in and out interconnected. No synchro. RCA out when connected to another gear works. RCA in seems to have problem….

When repeating test with AES, the loop test works as described. And Diagnostic test 510 (for AES) seems to be also OK.  (I let P run to 175 and  E=0 T=0).

Does that mean that RCA in is most probably faulty?

I need to connect gear that has just RCA, not XLR.  Do I need two RCA-XLR cables, or I may use RCA-XLR for Eventide AES in and use RCA-RCA cable for Eventide out? From manual it seems to me that I may use AES as digital input and RCA as digital output… So, just one RCA-XLR cable would do. Or is AES better/more stable and would be better to use it for output as well. (It will go to RCA of Lexicon  MPX 550).