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      Hi Dear Eventide,

      I bough my H9 2 days ago, and I love it, great sounds on that little box

      My question is:

      1. There is any Algorithm wih Delay and Reverb, if yes what is the Name ?
      2. It is possible to have like 3 effects in one Algorithm ?
      3. What is the best way to search for Combined effects in one Algorithm ?

      Thank you




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      The resonator algo has a reverb in addition to the delays…

      Nope. Can’t have multiple effects on one algo, unless the algo already has multiple delays, delay/verb, chorus/LFO, etc.

      That’s why you see so many people with 2 H9s 🙂

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      The ModEchoVerb algorithm has chorus or flanger, delay, and reverb. Several of the delay algos have pitch shifting or modulation in addition to the delay, and Resonator has reverb in addition to delays.

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      Another one with reverb is Crystal, which is a reverse delay + reverb.

      Crystal is delay + pitch shifting + reverb. ModEchoVerb is Mod + Echo + Verb. BlackHole is Reverb + Delay + Mod. Harpeggiator is crazy.

      The best way to search for Combined effects is to keep using your H9.



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      Only the ModechoVerb is a combined algo. You can do it with other algo with some creativity but they are not really combined algos and have their limitations. I agree with you that that is the one insufficiency of the H9 and the one thing that I miss; only one algo at a time is possible. Wish there were more algo like the ModechoVeb. Also wish their was a delay in upcoming Crushstation. Now you always need another pedal for your delay.

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      Hi guys,

      Thank you so much for all you replies, I will check all those algorithms.



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