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      I have my TimeFactor mounted on top of my amp so that I can tweak it's knobs on-the-fly from a standing position.

      Since I can't operate the footswitches with my feet, I purchased the recommended FS3X auxiliary switch and Ernie Ball Jr. Expression pedal.

      I would like to select the following 10 TimeFactor functions with my feet: Bank preset 1; bank preset 2; bank up; bank down; toggle mode; repeat on; tap tempo; record; play; and stop.

      The auxiliary switch does most of these functions very well but it can't do bank preset 1 or bank preset 2 without using "alternate mode" which is in itself limiting. It also can't be effectively programed to control more than 6 of these functions at a time.

      I took a quick look at midi, but it seems that the TimeFactor won't allow midi to select bank preset 1 or bank preset 2. Any ideas?

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