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      I have two H9s, a dark edition and a white one. I first started having issues with my dark one. It would sometimes stop passing any effected signal. Id have to restart and it would work fine. It had issues connecting with bluetooth.

      For the first time ever I hooked it up to H9 control via USB. I updated it (to 5.9.1[0]) and changed some expression pedal settings (to allow for my new BARN3 attachment). Now… no effected signal …ever. I trouble shot everything. Tried other power supplies (I was using the original Eventide supplied one originally).

      I factory reset it. I re-installed software. Nothing. I even tried it on another computer. (Both Macs running Big Sur).

      Stupid me, I thought.. it is the pedal or the software? Let’s try another H9. same thing happened. Now neither pass signal.

      I also attempted to use the Direct Update.. however it wants me to boot the pedal into update mode.. neither one will boot into update. They boot into “Test” when I hold the hot knob while powering. I can’t seem to get around it.


      Thank you.


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      To follow

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like you should send one of them in to be looked at. support@eventide.com.

      Then if it is easily fixable they can tell you what to do with the other one.



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      Anything else you can think of before I do that? I unfortunately have a gig next week…


      Thank you!

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      I also realized something.. theres is no input light even with input. so this is why there is no output signal. weird. I tried adjusting the input gain and nothing. still not seeing an input.

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      ” … theres is no input light even with input. so this is why there is no output signal”

      This happened to me recently.  I sent it in and Eventide found two resistors that burned out.  No known cause.  Took a few weeks.

      Eventide’s policy for H9’s at the moment is that most repairs are $100.  Very reasonable.

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      Yeah.. I was afraid of something like that. 🙁


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