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      Anyone using H9 with an Expressionator (and an expression pedal) plus a separate aux pedal? I gather I’d need a stereo/mono splitter (e.g., I believe EBS ICY-30 would work) and wire as follows: connect stereo plug to H9 aux out, connect “ring” mono plug to aux switch, and connect “tip” mono plug to something like the Mission Engineering Line 6 adapter, to convert from mono to TRS, and plug the other end of the Line 6 adapter into one of the Expressionator’s TRS outputs. Just curious if anyone has had success with this.


      and the second question

      I’m tryin got figure out whether it’s possible to assign an external non-latching footswitch to control the Restart for Harpeggiator patterns.  I have a Boss FS-5U (unlatched/momentary) footswitch. It works when I assign the FS-5U to Tap Tempo in the Aux Switch Mappings. But when I assign the pedal to Performance Switch (which is I think how one might control the Restart), I get a message on the H9 of “All 3 and All 4.”  With some presets, the Length parameter toggles between the range values around the Length knob.

      Any words of wisdom to get Restart happening?

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      I have a Boss FS-5U as well and was able to get it to reset the Harpeggiator.  


      I set the polarity switch to the right, connected it to my H9, went to the pedal setting in H9 Control under General Settings named 'Use Expression Pedal, Aux Switch or Both' and set that to 'Aux switch'.  Then, I went into Aux Switch Mappings and set the Performance Switch parameter to 'Foot Switch 2 (Ring)'.  Now, whenever I press the FS-5U, the H9s display briefly shows 'RESTART'.

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