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      Some feedback on the H9

      First off, I love the concept, layout, size, and flexibility of the H9. I own a pitchfactor, timefactor, and 2 H9's. I have gigged and recorded with both the factor pedals extensively with tons of different gear on bass, guitar, and keyboards. The factor pedals always  produced a great sound and have all the flexibility one needs for live playing besides the bank switching issues that are well known and fixed with an aux controller (alway with the aux controller)

      The only big downside of the factor pedals, for me, is size, so naturally I have "upgraded" to H9s

      Don't get me wrong here, I love the H9 I have purchased around 14 algorithms and love them all and use them all the time, except the pitchflex as it's tracking is inferior to most of the competitors products, I can live with that disappointment.

      There are two things that, for me, must be addressed and fixed to make the H9 useable.

      1) line in level. 

      Logic would dictate that a H9 would be placed in an amplifiers effects loop. In fact for me this is the only place I find most algorithms work well. 

      However my high quality amp effects loop is clipping the H9 even on low gain settings, an easy fix with the factor pedals using the line level  switches close to the input/output on the pedal. 

      Why is this feature not on the H9? Why? This is a deal breaker for me and I would assume most people with professional level line level effects loops. I can't set the level under 0 db? Seriously you guys thought of this before.

      2) no flex/speed/hold/retrigger button on the h9. The only answer I've seen on the forums is "use an aux switch. This is not a solution, there is a big huge button in the middle on the pedal I could use, please, for the love of Pete, let me use it for retriggering my harpeggiator rather than go by more stuff to cram on my board, and then that would lead to the whole expression pedal and aux pedal y cable fiasco to deal with.

      Once again, let me state that I love what you guys have created and I know how difficult it is to implement a maintain such a sophisticated piece of technology, but these two simple thing are forcing me to go back to my factor pedals. Lucky I did not sell them, I guess I either wait for these fixes for the H9 or just sell them altogether.

      Man, that g-system on Craigslist is looking better all the time…

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      Yes..pitchflex tracking and tone should be surely improved.. I used to use whammy effect on my G-Major 2 and sounded much more natural and stable..

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      I agree 100%

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