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      Hi, i have a question for the great creators: would it be possible to update H9 with one more routing option: 2x mono out, meaning both outputs putting out exactly the same, a sum of the l/r stereo image?

      That way i could use the H9 as a splitter and set up a wet/dry rig without the need for an additional DI. It would allow me to plug one of both l/r sum outputs into the amp or return, and the other one into a wet only delay/reverb/whatever.

      In my opinion nothing of the modulation/delay/reverb effects that i previously used, can stand up to the quality of the H9. So meantime all went off the board. Only 2 boost pedals before the amp survived and the H9 goes in the amps loop, all alone. And even more, if i add any true bypass pedal before or after the H9, it results in loss of the awesome pure sound that i love so much if only the H9 is in the loop. So a second H9 in series isn’t an option for me either.

      However, i still really would love to have additional delay. I tried most available delays together with the H9 -in series- but it just doesn’t work, so dry/wet is my last hope. Being able to pull that off from the H9’s outputs directly would make setting it up a lot easier.

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      Eventide Staff

      Anything is possible. On the other hand, the more of this sort of option we offer, the more complicated the product becomes. Many people already find it hard to use.

      I'll add this to the feature request list.


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      I think being able to use H9 as a splitter as well is a nice feature.

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