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       1GB flash card formatted by the eclipse (so it's in FAT32 format and
      i can't do FAT on a mac laptop), all 11 files copied to the card.  the
      eclipse freezes during "loading romprog.exe from card".  sometimes it
      freezes after apparently loading, other times it freezes somewhere in
      the middle.  one time the screen got squiggly and the lefthand level
      meter lit up solid.  is there something i'm missing?



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       HI Jim

      the card might be incompatible. You should try the following:

      -Macs do format HDs as FAT (MS-DOS). Under Disk Utility in OS X choose Initialize, then select the format. You will have 4 Mac OS choices plus (at the bottom of the selection window) MS-DOS (FAT).

      After that, try to store presets to the card. That tells you if the card is compatible or not.

      Other than this, I may think of bootloader needing update…but let's try these suggestions first.

      Please let me know.



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      Eventide Staff

      There has been quite a lot of discussion on this forum concerning card issues. To save you looking back through them, here are the main conclusions:

      1) Do NOT format large cards (>256M) on Eclipse.

      2) Do NOT use FAT32 – use FAT format only. A blank card usually comes in FAT format.

      3) Do NOT use cards bigger than 2GB.

      If you follow the above, and use name brand cards (Sandisk recommended) you should have no problems.

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      well, after a few more tries the eclipse just locked up completely. 
      i called tech support today and i'm going to try a new card and a hard
      reboot (as per eventide's advice).  i still have access to the utility
      functions (so hopefully my programs aren't gone forever) but i can only
      get one or two button presses in (if i'm trying to load/edit programs)
      until the thing freezes.   

      my macbook does not offer FAT
      formatting…only FAT32 along with unix and 4 mac os file formats.  i
      didn't have any luck transferring programs to this card, so i think
      that's the problem.  i'm hoping so, at least.  we're playing cmj here
      in nyc so i've got two weeks to get this sorted out…otherwise it's
      going to be a very different set ; )

       thanks for your advice.


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      Eventide Staff

       Please, please try a new card, below 1G if possible,  (and DON'T format it on the Mac). If you still have problems, contact Eventide Customer Support directly.

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      alright, mission accomplished.  i picked up a 256mb card and everything worked like a charm.  just a polite suggestion: perhaps eventide could explicitly "strongly recommend" a 256mb card or smaller and let the machine do the formatting.  the manual states "other capacities…will probably also be suitable" but this (while entirely non-binding) seems to be somewhat inaccurate.  i dunno, maybe it's just that i'm the only idiot with a big card and a mac who had a hard time with this.  

       either way it's all sorted out now.  thanks to nick and italo for their help.


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