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      Hi, I feel sheepish even posting this, but for some reason I can't seem
      to get my 3-button aux switch to do what I want with my Modfactor. In
      short, I understand that button one is tip, button two is ring and
      button 3 is tip/ring, and my goal is to keep the pedal in bank mode and
      assign tip to brake, ring to footswitch one (or the first of the two
      presets loaded in bank mode), and tip/ring to footswitch two (or the
      second of the two presets loaded in bank mode). I can get tip to control
      brake/speed, and I can get ring to control bypass of the first preset,
      but for the life of me I can't get tip/ring to control the bypass for
      the second preset. Any experts out there that can help me?

      Thx in advance. Whenever I try to select bypass or footswitch 2 for tip/ring it defaults to brake.

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      Having just spent a few days trying to figure out the configuration possibilities of an aux pedal, I'll try to help a bit.

      I'll try not to misinform you but  caveat emptor.

      1.  The aux assignments are specific to a FUNCTION not a PRESET. If you have the tip assigned to BYPASS it will perform that function on any preset. But first you have must select that preset. 

      2. The FS1, FS2, FS3 functions are a bit confusing. These assignments allow the aux pedal to perform the functions of the unit's switches of the OPPOSITE mode of whatever you've selected on the unit. Meaning: if you are in PLAY mode FS1 will perform the function of the left footswitch as if you were in PRESET mode. Another way to look at it: If you have FS1 FS2 FS3 assigned to your aux pedal AND you are in PRESET mode, the aux pedals will respond as though you were stepping on the switches on the unit while in PLAY mode. If you are Bank mode any switch assigned to "FS1/2/3" will respond as though you are stepping on the switch in PLAY mode.

      3.Any switch can be assign to any function through the system menu. Multiple assignments can be made to each switch and are sometimes necessary .

      Here's what I just spent 3 days learning (I have TF, PF and Space): For Space I wanted to be able to have ONE aux switch select the next preset AND activate it. Presets (as you probably know by now) don't activate just by being selected with the aux pedal. Here's where it get's interesting:

      I have PRESET+ assigned to Ring (it doesn't matter whether it's tip/ring/etc, that was just my choice). I have FS1 ALSO assigned to Ring. I put SPACE into PLAY mode (very important).

      When I now step on the Ring footswitch it steps the preset up 1 selection AND BECAUSE I AM IN PLAY MODE it also activates that preset (because I am also "virtually" stepping on the ACTIVATE pedal of PRESET/BANK mode simultaneously). One click to select and activate.

      Brain spinning? Mine too. The power to control these pedals is very deep. As I said it took days to figure this out and I have 30 years of this stuff under my belt. Or I'm just stupid!

      I hope this helps. Sorry if it's not clear enough but I type very slowly.

      Don't give up!

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      I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I couldn't get this approach to work with my TimeFactor. Still, the info was helpful and got me going with an approach that sort, of kind of, mostly works.

      I ended up assigning:

      P/B < Tip

      BK- < Ring

      BK+ < T+R

      FS1 < Ring

      This allows me to load Preset 1 of any bank using only the Aux Pedal but it takes at least 4 clicks. 1) Tip to enter bank mode; 2) one or more of Ring to page down or T+R to page up through banks,  3) Tip to get back to play mode, and 4) a final Ring to load the preset via the FS1 assignment. Not very clean!

      On my TimeFactor BK+ and BK- did not seem to be effective in play mode. On the other hand, active and bypass kept toggling as I pushed the middle switch (Ring)  in bank mode. Certain combinations ended up with the effect bypassed when I got back to play mode, but the sequence above always (as far as I can tell) gets me back to play mode with whatever bank I want and preset 1 of that bank oaded and active.

      I don't mind if I have to use 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 etc….. since there are many more banks than I'm likely to use live.

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      Troychapman: I'm also trying to work-out whether a single stomp on an Aux switch can be used to change a preset AND activate it. Your idea sounds great, but doesn't the first foot switch on the Space in play mode toggle between Active and Bypass? In which case it seems that every other preset will be BYPASSED.

      For example:

      Stomp 1 = preset 1 Active

      Stomp 2 = Preset 2 Bypass

      Stomp 3 = Preset 3 Active

      Stomp 4 = Preset 4 Bypass

      In which case think we need to ask Eventide to add an ACTIVE option to the Aux Switch part of System mode. Then we simply assign PRE+ AND ACTIVE to a single aux switch, right???

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      BarneyBrown: It's been a while since I worked this out. My brain still hurts. I don't think I can address your exact scenario right now because I don't have a couple hours of silence to think about it! 

      But in order to help you possibly come to a solution I will suggest you keep in mind this:

      I got my scenario to work because you can use an aux switch that works on the opposite mode of the mode you have selected on the box. I.E. if I am in preset mode I can program a switch that will affect the unit as though it is in play mode.

      So you have to program the correct aux switches AND be in a specific mode (preset/play) to have it work.

      This was the key. But it is very close to rocket science.

      Good luck. I wish I could give you the exact answer…

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      Thanks for your reply! I haven't got a aux switch as I was waiting to see if I could change presets effectively with it first. What you describe is exactly what I'm looking for, so I think my next step will be to get a aux switcher and to give it a try. The other option is to go down the midi controller route, but my pedal board is already full enough as it is. Thanks again…

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