3 presets per bank! Will it ever be avaidable??

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      Hi. I have both TF and MF in a pedalboard, and I switch presets, ampchannels and true-bypass loops with a midi footcontroller. I'de like to have both eventides on my pedalboard (even though they are in the loop and midi controlled) for the sake of updating bypass state (instant on/off type thingie), and to have the ability to change and improvise with the "factor" presets while the rest of the rig stays in its remaining preset.

      I'm sure most of us are using the above method by having the factors in bank mode and use one of the aux-switches to do the 'bank-down'-function.. It just seems inconvenient to have the bank 'up' in the factor, while the bank 'down' switch is forced to be located somewhere else on the pedalboard! So, 3 presets per bank with bank up- and down handled externally would be soooo cool!

      I appologise if I have missed a topic on this, or if I just didn't bother to read the "factor update suggestion"-topics (which might be 15 pages anyway), but I thought I might start a new discussion on this topic since I'm keeping my fingers crossed if this ever comes avaidable!

      Best wishes, and thank you Eventide for making top-notch products!


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      Eventide Staff

      Initially we wanted 3 presets per bank, but it proved impossible.

      We did not want to either force people to use an AUX switch, or have the box work in two different ways. Sorry – more switches would make things easier, but ….

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      I understand that with 3 switches the current modes are best to suit everyone!

      But, I was suggesting/asking wether it would be possible to have a "mode" that is selectable in the utility for people who are using midi and/or aux switches to select banks! Don't know too much about programming software etc. but if something like this is doable for you, then I really hope you guys would consider it in some future update!

      Best wishes,


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