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      How does one get 40 presets instead of the 20 it ships with?

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      Sven S.-M.

      Hi, new dude here.
      Yeah. I would like to know that as well. I have just updated to 2.0.3, and I can't find the 20 extra presets. What am I doing wrong here? Unit said all is okay, even rebooted and updated it a 2nd time.


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      The second 10 banks of available presets was implemented with the release of the current software, 2.0.3. You will have to access System Mode (press and hold Encoder and Tap switch until Tap switch and Active LEDs are flashing). Turn Encoder until you see Banks the press it once. In this menu you will able to adjust the bank you would like to begin at and the highest bank you would like to access; it could be any combo you desire.

      Please reference the TimeFactor Release Notes for 2.0.3 on the TimeFactor Support page for additional information of improvements and fixes in this version.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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