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      Hello.  I was looking for a little help with setting up my h90 using the 4cm.

      I currently have it wired in two locations in my pedal chain; near the beginning after my ODs and at the end as I want to be able to use it in certain spots for certain effects like some pitch shifting up front and possibly the looper in the back at times.

      Im assuming it needs to be in dual mode for this which I have it set to.

      So when I go test the setup using the 1st algorithm, I get a really bad feedback loop that keeps going until I basically unplug it.

      How I have it hooked up is in I/O 1 and I/O 2 and set the routing to pre/post.

      Obviously, I have something hooked up or set wrong and was hoping for some guidance?



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      Hello ExWhyZer0,

      How I have it hooked up is in I/O 1 and I/O 2 and set the routing to pre/post.

      Can you elaborate on your point to point connections? Is your guitar going into In 1 and then you have Out 1 going to the front of the amp? Are you connecting I/O 2 to the amp’s effects loop? If this is true and you’re in Dual mode, use I/O 3 to go to the amps effects loop. I/O 1&2 are bound to the same path. 3&4 work on a different path altogether. I would consult this link to hook things up in 4CM: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.5.2/content/setup/pre-post.html

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      So as of right now, my 1st connection is from another pedal in to the h90.  Then from there, it goes out to another pedal.  Then I have the 2nd to last pedal coming in to it and finally the h90 ends the chain.

      Here’s the exact chain.  guitar>tuner>fuzz>noisegate>comp>od1>od2>H90(I/O1)>deco>delay>reverb>H90(I/O2)>amp

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