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      I’m still happy, and enjoying the H9s in the rack rig. Last night during rehearsal, I was chatting with the other guitarist in our band and asked him if he would give up the H9’s on his pedal board. Got a resounding no, with a smile that looked like ‘are you kidding?’ We have 5 on stage and they are used in every song throughout our show. I change out compressors and dirt pedals – but the H9’s in the front drawer and back floor of the rack have been permenantly in place for a few reasons…

      1 – sound quality. Stellar sound quality.
      2 – the breadth of sounds – reverbs, pitch shifts, echo’s. You name it. And they keep giving us new ones.
      3 – the simple, robust iPad interface makes it easy at practice to make fast changes
      4 – that same interface in the studio saves crazy amounts of time finding what I hear in my head
      5 – inspiration. I want to write a new song? Fresh strings and an H9 will about do it.
      6 – configuration. At home front ending the signal and inserted into effects loops. Easy to reload every patch.
      7 – replacement. I’ve never had one fail, but I haven’t been at a local music store that didn’t have one I could buy that day.

      I just wanted to say that, so that the Eventide staff heard it loud and clear. THANK YOU!

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