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      Hello, I have to choose a pair of cable to connect my H9 to two active speakers, they are two Yamaha DBR10 

      Reading the Specs of the H9 I see that it has two ¼ inch mono phone jack, thus mono unbalanced, I guess. By reading the Specs of the Yamaha DBR I see that its Inputs (Combo: XLR + Jack connector) are Balanced

      Could you suggest me the best choice?


      Thank you very Much,




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      Eventide Staff

      If you use a mono cable (Tip and Sleeve only), it should suitable unbalance the input to your speakers.

      Note – you may have level issues. The H9 is usually guitar level, whereas the speakers may need a higher level. Hopefully they have suitable gain controls.


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      And if I would use this cable : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PD-Quality-Male-3-Pin-XLR-to-6-3mm-1-4-Jack-Mono-Signal-Cable-DJ-Disco-8-Meter-/151785815898

      It is a Mono 1/4″ Jack to XLR, what do you think? Would it work fine too?

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