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      I think i've been putting in too much time thinking about my TimeFactor lately, especially when i'm at work, but anyway… here's another thought.

      I understand the reason for the funky sounds that occur when changing tempo on the tape delay and vintage delay settings, and i wouldn't want to lose them, BUT, it would be very practical in live situations to be able to tap a new tempo (say if your drummer is getting out of control) and not subject the audience to those funky sounds.

       I'm wondering if there could be an option in the system menu perhaps to be able to switch between "quiet" tempo changes and "vintage-type" tempo changes. any thoughts?

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      I would really like this as well! Wow just found the new website/forums ect…. very cool. I've been waiting for this!

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      Yeah, all i know about computer science i learned in 5th grade on a tanday computer plugged into a cheap black and white tv using "basic" language… but from what i do recall, i'd say that if getting rid of the warping sound with tempo changes is as easy as telling the software to skip a certain chain of instructions, then it would be a piece of cake for Eventide…

       on the other hand, maybe that warping sound is inherent and you'd have to program a whole lot of instructions to get it to NOT do that… that would make this a pretty big request and i think they've got other bigger issues to work out right now. But we can dream…

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