A way to change bypass mode for each preset?

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      Hi! I know that probably the answer is just NO. But I try to ask anyway: is there a way to save different type of bypass? I also have a 3 switch controller to assign other functions. I sometimes have the need to immediately cut the delay fx and for now I'm doing it by assigning a totally dry set to a controller. It would be better if I could just program this right in the presets, though.


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      You read my mind ! Bypass mode is currently set the same for all presets as a global parameter. It might be annoying if you had to set it for every preset.

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      …Could be simply global but overridable. Nothing special here, it's a really common programming design pattern 🙂

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      I have the opposite problem with my H9, so I thought I’d bump this. 

      I want to keep the bypass status global and independent from the presets. But it seems like the bypas status is automatically saved with each preset and there’s no way to turn that off. Only the Tempo and Mix buttons have settings to make them global. Am I missing something?

      Thanks for any advice!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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