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      So i'm working through an midi instrument/effect for ableton that will allow me (anyone) to control their various factor pedals without having to think about it to much.

      This one is tied to the TimeFactor and i've not made the implementation completely abstract as to apply to to all four pedals.  I'll work through the mod and pitch pedals next.  I don't have a space (nudge, nudge), or else i'd take care of that implementation as well.

      My question is – what else will folks want on here aside from control of the knobs?  I haven't figured out how to sync the stored presets (i can change settings and save the settings in ableton, just haven't gone all the way with preset management yet – i'm working on a win app for that too).  Anywho – what else is there?  

      Anyone know how to change algorithms via midi?  

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