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      Hello thanks in advance..

      I know there is an adat port back of eclipse.. At first I misunderstood eclipse has

      eight channel like H8000 🙂 but if I use adat port, still I can use 2 channels of audio

      (pair of 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8)

      Currently I have TC fireworx, it also has adat port.

      Question is, can I connect them thru daisy chaining?

       I want to save channels (If I use adat port, 6 channels are remaining unused)

       And what is the actual purpose of adat port? I think if 2 channels are only supported

      adat port is meaningless (S/PDIF or TOSLINK only needed)

      sorry for stupid question but plz help me 🙂

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      Eventide Staff

       The Eclipse can be set up to put its two output channels on any of the 8 ADAT channels, leaving the other 6 channels either muted or unchanged. It can also receive its input from any of the ADAT channels.

       This means that you can daisy chain the ADAT through the Eclipse, if I understand you correctly. You would probably want to use Wordclock as the sync source.

       See page 27 of the Eclipse Manual for more information.

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       This sounds cool!

      I have an ADA8000 that I'm only using half the channels. I'll see if it and the eclipse can share my one ADAT port.


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