adding h9 core pedal to h9 max using ipad 1

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      just to report back, I was pleasently suprised that my old ipad 1 bluetooth found the new core pedal I just added to my h9 max. after I paired it via bluetooth with my tablet (by adding the last 4 digits of serial number) not only did it recognize both pedals,but it even updated the firmware on the core and registered it to my account. It went smoothly. I was worried it would be a horrible headache.but it was easy and worked great. I also thought a core and a max would be overkill f/x wise (like the line 6 m13 was for me anyway), but I was really suprised by how different combinations worked so well together without making an f/x mess. so very pleased. I guess now I just need to take care of those 12 easy payments lol



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