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      Top Jimmy

      I did search this out because I've asked a similar question in the past. It is post 15708 of the archives. Adding Remote Control.

      My efforts are to have MIDI expression control over the wet/dry mix. When I try to use the LEVELS area and hold the SELECT button to add control to the entire gang of parameters, the response time lags and function is stalled. This seems to be 'too much' for MIDI control.

      Adding a MIXER or STEREOMIXER module to a preset will allow control of the mix with much less effort (it seems) on the part of the machine. There is no lag and response is immediate. In post 15708 Italo recommended some math that I have not yet tried. Instead I used the 'SELECT' (press for 1sec) trick to add a remoter to a knob controlling mix for wet and mix for dry. During my searches I found that these REMOTERS are not modules per say, but are hardware specific. What benefit does using the N_EXTCON module have? It was recommended in another post to use these instead.

      This will be my first file attachment so not sure what to expect, but here is a DUAL DELAY patch file that I added MIX modules prior to both outputs, allowing a mix of wet/dry. There are knob controls, values shown in menu page#1 as well as meters also wired to menu page #1. This is a simple graphical representation of the wet/dry values. Since I have top menu page they show up as soon as the preset loads.

      My goal is to modulate between DSPs, letting A run dry while B is wet, then rock the pedal for a vise versa. Is the N_EXTCON the most reliable way to attach controllers to parameters? As well, in order to get a controller to roll backwards I used "Unipolar" mode, after much guess work and trial/error. I will try the suggested math controllers from Italo in the future, but any advice on reversing control would be appreciated.



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      Top Jimmy

      Getting better with practice. Crossfade goal has been met. To be honest, I haven't had any luck with MIXER, however MIX is working perfectly with a KNOB/REMOTER.

      Strangely undocumented module, REMOTER. Also quirky behavior with copy/paste, it will fall off the knob, everytime.

      So far the unipolar mode with a negative RANGE will cause the value to go from 100%-zero, as long as default is set at 100%, no problem.

      Workaround the copy/paste REMOTER issue is to copy/paste the entire factory algo and rewire ins/outs/menu into a working crossfade sigfile. This is also easier to keep the sigfile in order, top to bottom.

      Perhaps I missed something in the programming manual, will again reread for insight. Any help on adding remote control is appreciated. This front panel 'SELECT' shortcut is for the birds because the graphical version of the sigfile has to be sorted everytime MIDI/GET is used, and most of these factory algos are so large and complex. Sorting them…

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