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      Hello, This is a follow up to a question that I posted earlier:

      am trying to set it up so that when I change saved preset combinations via the DCM that the Pitchfactor will be changed but in a
      bypassed state. I have used the learn function and the DCM sends a
      bypass message of CC102. 

      The trouble is, it does not bypass the preset I need. It
      bypasses all the other presets in the pitchfacor, but the current preset
      I'm on is active.

      For example:  I'm on patch 1:2…. The I set the DCM up so that when i press it's footswitch it changes All my stomboxes to the correct presets and sends a BYPASS signal to the Pitchfacor.  But it does not bypass the preset changes to, it bypasses ALL other presets on the PF except the one I want. So, in effect, it does exactly opposite of what I

      Am I doing something wrong??

      I was just wondering
      if there was someone who could walk me through setting my stompboxes up
      this so that this midi controller will load up Active presets on the
      space and timefactor, but a bypassed preset on the pitchfactor.

      Thank you!

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