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      Hey Gang,

        I’m thinking about running one of my H9s as a pre/post surrounding a Kingsley preamp (Maiden) and then into my HxStomp.  The trick is it’d be guitar levels on one side and line levels on the other side.  

      If there a way to adjust the volume levels of the two sides independently?  In stereo mode it’s obviously not that crucial since your sides tend to be balanced, but in pre/post mode, I’d like to have separate level sets for each side.  Any ideas?


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      Eventide Staff

      I'm afraid that such level controls as the H9 has are stereo, without the ability to control either side independently. You could try an external pot or volume pedal.

      Also be aware that the H9 is a guitar level device and has limited line level capability – be sure not to overdrive it.

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