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      john beddoe

      Hi Eventide crew and users

      I'm going to attempt to explain my confusion…its hard to say in words..

      I'm confused about adjusting different parameter values and knowing what the values are saved for  the new presets with the update.(as we haven't been given a document of those values)

      If i move a knob, is the value displayed as i touch it, based on where the knob actually is in its arc, or does it relate to the saved parameter value? I know you have a 'catch up' function but this isn't what i'm after. Can i know what the value of each parameter is, saved, soemhow?

      I'm guessing one answer is to dump the presets on to my mac computer but i cant figure it out..can you help with this as i know several others have asked. Does dumping the presets on to the computer allow us to look at the parameter values?

      Gosh, this is techy stuff. I hope you understand!


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      Eventide Staff

      If you move a knob with CATCHUP off, the displayed value is determined by the actual knob position.

      If you want to know what the saved value is, set CATCHUP to on and then jog the knob – I think this IS what you are after.

      You can dump the presets for backup purposes, but you will not learn much by looking at the resulting files.

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      john beddoe

      Yup, the catch up button should do the trick!

      thanks for that. Just also hope Eventide makes a document for the other presets too!


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