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      The one thing that bugs me about the TF is the delay mix function.  For some passages of music I need the repeats to be as loud or slightly louder than the dry signal, for a really "in your face" rythmic sound.  

       Is it possible to adjust the Delay Mix on the TF to allow the repeats to be a little louder than the dry signal WITHOUT cutting the dry signal?  Could this be a fix in the next update?

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      I noticed this too. I think some settings should have a delay level knob instead of a mix knob. I cant think of anytime you would want only delay repeats when using the digital mode.  

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      Yes, it would be a lovely solution for me too.

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      Eventide Staff

      Have you guys updated to the 2.0 version. We did address some of the level issues people were having there.

      If you need a further boost than that you may want to flip the input switch to guitar and the output switch to line. This will give you a 6 dB boost through the delay, however it's actually in the output stage so it can't be saved with a preset and there isn't really fine level control there, but maybe worth a shot.

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      Mine has v. 1.1. I haven't used it with my amp yet, just my POD. I had that same problem when running it as a post delay, after the POD then straight to mixer. I didn't when I ran it pre POD, like a traditional stomp. I have a bufferd volume before it when in pre. I saw an article that stated it may have to do with a lack of buffering? Tomorrow I will get a chance to run it post in my amps tube buffered effects loop. I'll try updating it if the levels are still off, and let you guys know what I find.

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