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      john beddoe

      HI team and users

      Can you tell me how to adjust the sweep of the wah so the range can be changed (like when you change the sweep of the pot inside a 'real' wah wah).

      Problem is, when im trying adjusting knobs and playing with the expression pedal its remembering everything…if i get to where i dont like or make a 'mistake' i have to leave the preset and come back so i can strart again! There must be a logical alternative!

      Any help with these 2 things would be great. I'm really loving the modfactor although i wish some of the background to terms like envelope, ADSR, etc would be explained somewhat. Its an indimidating but awesome pedal.


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      Just turn the Shape knob all the way to the right, to EXP PDL. Then your expression pedal will adjust the wah sweep without having to program any knobs.

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