After latest update – TimeFactor tap tempo works erratically…

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      Eventide Staff

      You always have to hit the tempo switch as few times, as it needs to average – if it did not, the result would be a little random.

      You should be able to say definitely whether or not it is sending the clock (it either does or does not). Check the settings at both ends.

      If you really hate this update, please go back to the previous one. We recommend that you re-initialize the unit after every update – not doing this can (rarely) cause problems.


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      Up until latest update I only had to tap the switch twice.

      Same behavior with external footswitch.

      My PitchFactor is definitely not getting clock.  Again – used to work perfectly.

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      I am finding that I have to hit the tap tempo button at least 3 times before the tempo changes since latest updated.

      Also, not convinced that TF is sending clock to my PitchFactor.

      Could these be related?

      Latest update for both pedals seems to be REALLY erratic compared to ALL previous updates going back years now!



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