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      It’s really starting to bug me that “what you hear” is not always “what you get”. At $20 per algorithm, it should be easier to at least get the advertised sound right off the bat. I’m referring to the demo you hear when you click on “Listen” One would think that the initial presets, delivered with the algorithm, would be the settings used in the demo tracks. For example, I purchased Synthonizer and can’t come anywhere near the demo “theramine style” tone, plus all the included presets, specially the Flute which I might find useful” yodle all over the place and are very inconsistant. This one is useless to me. I also purchased the PitchFlex based on that sweet auto-wah demo provided. Again, the presets sound nothing like that and after an hour of tweaking last night, I gave up on trying. 

      Having said all that, I will add that I love the lush sounds of all the patches I have managed to put together, especially the Plate Reverb.

      I’m using a Variax 500 running into a HD500X via VDI cable. I have the H9 set up in my FX Loop and can control where the H9 is placed in the chain and trust me when I say that I have tried it in many different places.

      Sorry if it sounds like I am venting but when I feel like I have spent $20 on something I can’t use, it’s upsetting. Next time I will try out the algroithm first. Trust is always my acheles heel.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like a reasonable request. I'll pass it on to the appropriate circles.


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      Hi Leesteel,

      I played the Synthonizer demo example you mentioned, using the Factory Preset "FluteFactor." In that clip I did not lift my finger from the fretboard. I dragged my finger up and down the neck to get that legato, theremin-like sound. Give that a try and I think you will get similar results!

      For the PitchFlex demo I used the Factory Preset called "Pitch Flex -2 OCT" with my foot on an expression pedal to control the pitch dives.

      Thanks for the feedback! We are working on new demos and new algorithms, with more detailed info on the examples as well.


      Best regards,




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      I love that Flute sound but I have found it nearly impossible to control the yodeling on all those presets.

      Try using the Flute preset to play something simple like the X-Files theme. 

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      It's a great sound! Some people like the glitches as part of its charm. It helps if you have a pretty loud signal going into the effect, for more sustain. You could try putting a boost or distortion pedal in front the H9 for that. The truth is out there!

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      The nice thing about the FX Loop in the HD500X is that you can boost the input on the loop and then control it on the back end.

      Unortunately, in this case, location in the chain and front end boost is not fixing the problem.

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