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      last night i wasn't paying attention and mistakenly purchased the Diatonic algorithm when i meant to purchase Synthonizer.  if they were to look at my purchasing history, they'd see that i already own Quadrovox which is basically Diatonic with more features so obviously the purchase of Diatonic was an honest/stupid mistake.  so my question is, do i need to take this up with iTunes, or Eventide, or both?

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      Well, if you had made the purchase from the desktop version of the app through Amazon payment processing, we could fix that, because Amazon gives us the tools to do so. But with Apple you really have to talk to them, because they don't give us any way to refund purchases.  They have been pretty reasonable with other customer issues in the past; just send them an email at

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      Quadrovox which is basically Diatonic with more features

      Is this true? So is Diatonic mostly a "convenience" algo when you only need 2 voices and dont wan't to waste time to disable the Quadravox extra voices?

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      I wouldn't have worded it that way….."convenience" algorithm.  Diatonic and QuadraVox offer a different set of delay features for intelligent pitch shifting.  Diatonic has 2 voices, but has independent control over the delay and feedback of those voices.  QuadraVox loses the independent delay control, and all feedback controls, to give you the 4 voices.   With no pitch shifting, Diatonic could function as a dual feedback delay algorithm, whereas, QuadraVox is more of a 4-tap multi-tap delay algorithm.  

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