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      I hoping I’m just a little slow and I am missing something. I need a “master list” of presets organized alphabetically that goes across all the algorithms. 


      I play at church and we do about 150 different songs a year. Yikes! I have been saving my presets by song title on my new H9 max so I could simply pull them up in the future as the songs cycle back around. That is easier said than done. The presets are organized by algorithm so that means I have to remember what algorithm I used to build the preset. There has to be a better way! 


      What I’m looking for is a “database” of all the presets (factory and user) that can be sorted alphabetically by preset name and then easily added to a preset list for the current set we are playing. 


      I bought the H9 hoping it would be the “brain” of my pedal board. But, if i can’t quickly and easily find my old presets the functionality is greatly reduced for me. 


      Is there a simple way to do this? Am I missing something?

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      There's currently not a good way of doing what you described in H9 Control.  I guess we never considered your particular use case when designing the app.  We have considered some additions that would solve your problem though which will hopefully make their way into a future release in the not too distant future.

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      That would be HUGE! Please plese please ad that feature. It would be a game changer.


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