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      The more I learn about my Timefactor, the more I love it. But…

      The Timefactor manual addendum for version 2.0 states that the auxiliary switches could be programmed for use in Alternate Mode. I see bank and play modes, and I know that the Looper is kind of like a mode of its own, but I am unable to find Alternate Mode anywhere in the manual. Can anyone please explain to me what this is referring to?

      It goes on to state that the auxiliary switches act as play switches when the stompbox is in bank mode and bank switches is when the stomp box is in play mode??? Why would you need play switches when in bank mode and vice versa. I never got my PhD, can anyone help me out with what this means?

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      Eventide Staff

      In the alternate mode (FS1,FS2,FS3) the aux switches act as PLAY mode switches when the unit is in BANK mode, and vice-versa.

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      Thanks Nick… I know that's what the manual says, but what is alternate mode?

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      I found other posts in the forum which explained this feature. It's not really a mode per se (like bank or play modes). While it is interesting, it doesn't allow the control I am looking for. Thanks.

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