An affordable and easy way to change presets in two h9 simultaneously with a single tap?

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      My name is David from Spain and I am a h9 happy owner and soon I’ll be the owner of another h9 too (is on the way). My doubt as the title says is about the most affprdable and easy way to change the presets simultaneously with just one single tap (not the two as the H9 default settiings). I know you can connect and aux switch and load up and down presets automatically with just one single tap (this would be perfect!) but this possibility it’s not compatibble with an expression pedal. So, my idea is to connect the two h9 without a midi foot controller and use  the expression pedal in one and  the aux switch into another to load presets simultaneously. It’s that possible?

      If it’s not possible wich affordable two switches midi foot controller do you recommend? I read recommendations about pedal expressions in this forum and happily I bought the Line 6 EX-1 wich works great with the H9.

      Thank you very much!!!!

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      You can send program changes from one pedal to the other using one pedal as the the controller. So when you load one preset it transmits  program change via a midi cable to the othe H9 (or any midi device)

      [XMT.MAP] Create a MIDI Program Change Transmit Map

      When the Left Footswitch loads a Preset, a MIDI Program Change message can be transmitted from the MIDI Out jack or USB to control an external device – e.g., another Eventide Stompbox, an Eventide Eclipse, an Eventide H8000FW, etc.

      To Create a MIDI Program Change transmit map, press the HOTKNOB button to access the MIDI transmit map for editing.

      The Left field displays the Preset number (P1 to P99). The right field displays either OFF or the Prg No. (0-127). Default map: Prg No. 0-99 map to Presets P1 to P99.

      Press the Left Footswitch to select Preset field (indicated by the flashing Left Footswitch LED), turn the Encoder to select the Preset.


      H9 User Guide System Mode Press the Right Footswitch to select Prg No. field (indicated by the flashing Right Footswitch

      Note: MIDI Program Change Transmit must be enabled in order for the H9 to transmit Program Change messages. MIDI Program Change Transmit is turned ON or OFF in the MIDI menu. Default is OFF.

      Note: When an H9 Preset is recalled with a MIDI program change message, MIDI Program Change messages are not generated.

      Press the PRESETS button once to back-up one level to MIDI menu. Press the PRESETS button twice to go to top level System menu.

      its simple

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      OK, thank you very much for your response. It does not seem very difficult. As soon as I’ll receive the second H9 i will try it . I’m really excited. Thank you again!

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