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      Not sure if this has been discussed or is common knowledge but I thought I’d mention it. Finally resolved a very frustrating issue when my PBC6X would not communicate via MIDI DIN with one my H9’s. Turns out that not only are there Bluetooth and USB co-connective issues, but the H9 simply would not accept MIDI traffic from the PBC/6X via DIN when the USB B communications cable from my MacBook Pro was connected to the H9. In fact, the USB cable has to be completely detached from the H9 not simply unplugged from my laptop.  Weird, but man that was almost three straight days trying to sort that out. Maybe this will help someone avoid the same frustration.

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      Thank you for sharing your solution. I just want to point out that we discuss this functionality in the H9 manual on page 27 in the MIDI section.


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        I swear Joe, the doggone fine print of that section that eluded me! 🤣. I should have known…I’ll be sure to point this out to Ron and Jim, as they went through my 6X files to see if I had messed up…their conclusion was of course something external…yeah, the USB connection!

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