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      Eventide being my favorite effects machine, an idea for making VSIG even quicker to work with would be:

      – Assuming the user has made one Supermodule for each effect type, and as many of these as he/she needs (the idea being that all the relevant knobs, ranges and resoulutions are defined inside the Supermodule).

      -Then the next version of VSIG would include an option where all Supermodules, once they were inserted onto the workspace, were automatically connected to separate menupages automatically by VSIG. This way the user could concentrate more on the audio signal flow inside the effect and not the control side of the effect.
      This "auto-connect" function could be turned ON / OFF in the Preferences menu in VSIG by the user, for those that want more control of the menypages. This way, it will be possible to work even quicker with VSIG when designing effects. Once the right "sound" for the effect has been acheived, the user can turn Off auto-connect mode and refine the menupages for the final version of the effect.

      Just an idea that would be on the wish list from me.


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      Is there even a new version being worked on? if yes, are they taking user suggestions seriously?

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      Vsigfile is constantly under development. When significative changes in the units software (hardware too, sometimes) and when other priorities allow, the editor is updated.
      Latest version is 2.4.9, updated this year, and 2.5 is in the works.
      We appreciate users suggestions and try to implement them when useful and possible.


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      Please (for the love of god) a Mac OSX version?

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