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      Hey all!

      I'll did another live solo long-form (67+ minutes) ambient improv performance on June 12th on my weekly online radio show, Nightscaping, on, this time performed on my 10-string Chapman Stick – once again featuring Space along with my Pitchfactor in tandem with a slew of other goodies. I have the link for downloading below. 

      This time around I was definitely aiming for a dark, desolate and foreboding atmosphere and the combination of Space and PitchFactor definitely helped deliver the goods! 
      (and OK, I'll admit it: I've become a sucker for tweaking Space's "Nero Ascending" preset Wink… ) 

      I also did something a little different this time, and avoided any looping whatsoever – this was played straight through from start to finish. I use a very deep tuning type on the Chapman Stick that allows you to bottom out on a low Bb, which really helped shape the ominous feel (bwahahahahaa! Devil).

      Along with the Chapman Stick, I used the Pitchfactor, Space and an array of other units – as always: no synths, samplers or MIDI pickups, just the sound of the instrument itself being tapped, thumped with fists, scraped along its strings and generally processed to death beyond recognition. 🙂

      In case anyone would like to hear it, I have the live set now available to download from the Stillstream Archives at the link below:

      BTW: next month I'll be performing some of this kind of stuff in an actual real, live venue – the Kansas City Electro-Music Festival – both as a solo dark-ambient performance and with my recording band, Christus & The Cosmonaughts. And to add to the Eventide-ness: I'll be borrowing my synth player Scot Solida's old DSP4000 to further process the Space and PitchFactor (and everything else!) and help make things even more fun. 🙂

      Stop on by if you're in the area! Info on the event here (I'll be performing on Saturday July 23rd):

      Enjoy! Smile


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      thanks for sharingBeer

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      Thanks badmelonfarmer! Smile

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      Parkville, huh? Nice town and not terribly far from my neck of the woods. If I have the time, I'll stop by and say Hi!

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      Tim: that would be awesome! Look forward to possible meeting you there. Smile

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